Climate Change Response Shifting to Corporate Social Responsibility

As international governments are failing to respond adequately to climate change, the private sector is taking on the burden of environmental responsibility.
Posted On 02 Jan 2018
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Canada Needs to Clean Up its Carbon Act, says OECD

Canada needs to speed up efforts to green its energy and transport sectors in particular
Posted On 19 Dec 2017
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The Race for Clean Energy

Last year, on a global basis, more net power generating capacity was added through renewable sources than via all other power sources combined.
Posted On 13 Dec 2017
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Hotter world than predicted may be here by 2100

A hotter world could be on the way, unless nations act. That’s because the gloomiest predictions may not have been gloomy enough.
Posted On 08 Dec 2017
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Mixed forests may not resist climate change

Variety is not just life’s spice, but its support system. But it may not be so simple for mixed forests, researchers say.
Posted On 04 Dec 2017
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Vulnerable infrastructure at risk from climate

Damage to vulnerable infrastructure caused by climate hazards could triple by the 2020s and rise over ten-fold by the end of the century.
Posted On 01 Dec 2017
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The Potential of New Transportation Technologies to Promote Sustainability

Smart Cities can be used for the purpose of maintaining the health of the environment of a busy, mobile populace.
Posted On 29 Nov 2017
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Climte migrants may face multiple drivers

There are many reasons why people should migrate in huge numbers. But new research pinpoints what may drive climate migrants.
Posted On 26 Nov 2017
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