Power to the People – turning the page on energy policy in B.C.

B.C. is home to some of the most diverse renewable energy resources in the world.
Posted On 10 Oct 2017

Celebrating Vancouver’s Emergence as a Global Shipping Hub

World Maritime Day 2017 Celebration in Vancouver and Menon Economics Vancouver City Report 2017 Release
Posted On 29 Sep 2017

When the rubber hits the road

Shredded tire pieces are already used in asphalt in some countries but UBC is trying out polymer fibres in concrete
Posted On 14 Jun 2017

Canada’s Maritime Economy – A $30 Billion Enterprise

National economic value of commercial marine shipping estimated at $30 billion, expert panel finds
Posted On 25 May 2017

Vancouver’s maritime future must be embraced

Long recognized for its scenic beauty and quality of living, Vancouver is now being recognized for its potential as a global maritime hub.
Posted On 15 May 2017

8 Eco-Friendly Gadgets That Will Help You Live Greener

With our electronic gadgets creating tons of waste each year, it’s hard to imagine how adding another machine can help Mother Earth
Posted On 20 Apr 2017

Ontario’s Climate Change Challenge

Ontario is challenging local and international companies to develop the next generation of transformative clean technologies to help fight climate change.
Posted On 18 Apr 2017

Green Over Gold – China’s Acceleration Towards An Environmentally Driven Economy

This is a defining moment, not only for the environmental movement in China but also for international companies looking to enter the market.
Posted On 17 Apr 2017