Public Comments Sought on Environmental Assessment Report

Panel report seeks to raise the bar on assessment processes so that effective decisions can be made to replace dissension and mistrust.
Posted On 14 Apr 2017

Federal Government to cut its own greenhouse gas emissions

New measures will be out in place to measure greenhouse gas emissions to provide an accurate picture of the Government’s progress.
Posted On 02 Nov 2016

B.C. Launches new $100 million Technology Start Up Fund

Investments will be targeted in the technology sector, including digital media, information communications technology, life sciences/health care and clean technology
Posted On 22 Oct 2016

Another step forward for a cleaner atmosphere Montreal Protocol Amended

World powers agree to phase down the world's fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions
Posted On 15 Oct 2016

Governments Urged to End Expensive Emissions-Reduction Policies

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission recommends letting biofuels stand on their own, without support from government subsidies
Posted On 05 Oct 2016

Government of Canada Approves Pacific NorthWest LNG Project

The project is subject to over 190 legally binding conditions, determined through extensive scientific study that will lessen the environmental impacts of the project.
Posted On 27 Sep 2016

Alberta appoints Climate Task Force to transition to a lower-carbon economy

Climate Leadership Plan seeks to position Alberta for success in global innovation race
Posted On 21 Sep 2016

What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur

Opening a new business is just the beginning, the real challenge is making it successful and profitable.
Posted On 31 Aug 2016