Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Ontario’s Waste Management Industry

The waste management industry contributes to Ontario’s goals for climate change mitigation, a circular economy and sustainable economic development.
Posted On 28 Dec 2015

Québec to provide funding for international climate cooperation

This is a tangible response to one of the major issues of the Paris Climate Conference says Premier Philippe Couillard
Posted On 05 Dec 2015

Reflections on the Passing of Maurice Strong

As world leaders gather in Paris to forge a binding accord to reduce carbon emissions, they will be concluding a process initiated 40 years ago by one of Canada’s most distinguished visionaries.
Posted On 02 Dec 2015

Alberta – A New Climate Leader for a New Climate Era

"This is the day we step up, at long last, to one of the world’s biggest problems — the pollution that is causing climate change."
Posted On 22 Nov 2015

Is Renewable Energy Key to Canada’s Path To Climate Prosperity?

Report finds Canada’s renewable electricity advantage is key to cutting carbon pollution
Posted On 19 Nov 2015

The Passing of a Champion – Remembering Nick Sonntag

Nicholas Sonntag devoted his life to protecting today's environment in order to leave a better world for tomorrow
Posted On 27 Oct 2015

Re-Imaginging Carbon – The search for breakthrough technologies

The $20 Million Prize to tackle carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels
Posted On 12 Oct 2015

Indigenous community launches solar powered health center

Piitapan Solar Project in the middle of the oil sands serves as a beacon of hope for self sufficiency and pride
Posted On 30 Sep 2015