China takes fresh approach to pollution

A new scheme that pumps filtered air into homes aims to improve life for people in urban China and reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide.
Posted On 15 Mar 2017
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Carbon cuts will not prevent sea level rise  

Short-lived greenhouse gases will continue to affect the oceans for centuries however much the world achieves by carbon cuts. We are going to live with this for a very long time.
Posted On 17 Jan 2017
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Coal demand growth to stall as appetite wanes, according to IEA

Growth in global coal demand will stall over the next five years as the appetite for the fuel wanes and other energy sources gain ground
Posted On 12 Dec 2016
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Building a more resilient Toronto – Search on for Chief Resilience Officer

City of Toronto launches major resilience-building initiative to prepare Toronto for urban stresses of 21st century
Posted On 09 Dec 2016
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China set for top spot in carbon trading

Chinese officials say they will have the world’s biggest carbon trading scheme up and running throughout the country by the middle of next year.
Posted On 06 Dec 2016
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The Majority of the World’s Population Lives in This Circle

Quite simply, that “more people live inside this circle, than outside of it”.
Posted On 09 Sep 2016
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Climate change’s costs are still escalating

Scientific reports released for a conference today on disaster risk reduction warn that people are already dying and economies being hit by climate change − and that the dangers are growing.
Posted On 22 Jul 2016
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New documentary showcases the promise of solar energy

"Catching the Sun” focuses on the global race to lead the clean energy future.
Posted On 27 Mar 2016
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