Oil giant says profits are assured

World will go on burning more and more oil despite the threat of climate change
Posted On 28 May 2014
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China questions Canadian cleantech companies should consider

China is “cleaning-up” because it has no choice
Posted On 14 May 2014
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Taking on the challenges of an increasingly electrified world

Clean energy shift will save world $71 trillion through 2050
Posted On 12 May 2014
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Emerging Technologies – How will they change our lives?

Good scenarios explore the possible, not just the probable and provide relevant challenges to conventional wisdom.
Posted On 29 Apr 2014
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Oil and gas incumbents: the upside of cleantech collaboration

Cleantech collaborations offer significant upsides to both parties.
Posted On 20 Mar 2014
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Industrial Symbiosis – New Driver of Green Growth

One company's waste and by-products, can be another company's opportunity and cost saving
Posted On 29 Jan 2014
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Global Energy Outlook Shows Demand Growth Slowing

Global energy demand continues to grow but that growth is slowing and mainly driven by emerging economies
Posted On 16 Jan 2014
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Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2013

Many clean energy developments are bringing us closer to a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future
Posted On 10 Jan 2014
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