New Report Answers Question – What is Business Case for Building Green?

  GLOBE-Net, March 22, 2013 – It’s a question asked often in the building industry, Does green building pay off, and if it does, for whom? A new comprehensive report released from the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) may have the answer to that question....
Posted On 22 Mar 2013
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Reigniting Cleantech: Top 5 Reasons for a Post Bubble Party

Talk about the demise of cleantech seems silly to me.
Posted On 06 Mar 2013

Korean Export – Import Bank Green Bond Issue Oversubscribed

  GLOBE-Net, February 25, 2013 – Last week Sean Kidney of the Climate Bonds Initiative reported that the Export-Import Bank of Korea (Kexim) had issued its first “green” or climate friendly bond, the first benchmark-sized bond marketed as a green bond...
Posted On 25 Feb 2013

Could Europe Run on Renewable Energy Alone?

  GLOBE-Net, February 19, 2013 – Could Europe run on renewable energy alone? It may not be as far-fetched as some would imagine. The World Wildlife Federation has released a new report – Putting the EU on Track for 100% Renewable Energy  – which shows where...
Posted On 19 Feb 2013

An affordable fuel cell electric car coming soon

  GLOBE-Net, January 30, 2013 – Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., have signed a unique three-way agreement to accelerate the commercialization of fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) technology. The goal of the collaboration is to jointly develop...
Posted On 30 Jan 2013

Competing in the Clean Energy Sector

  GLOBE-Net, January 23, 2013 – Canada’s clean technology sector is a major driver of job growth and innovation, and could be worth $60 billion by 2020 barring current federal policy and financing barriers, says a new report by the Pembina Institute. Competing in...
Posted On 23 Jan 2013

Plan ‘B’ For Reducing Carbon Emissions From the NRDC

  GLOBE-Net, January 11, 2013 – Climate and energy experts at US-based Natural Resouces Defense Council (NRDC) have put forward an innovative proposal that could help the new Obama Administration to create jobs, grow the economy, and curb climate change. NRDC proposes...
Posted On 11 Jan 2013

Building on the Green Economy of New York State – The Plan

  GLOBE-Net, January 10, 2013 – The State of New York has launched a major initiative to attract jobs and economic growth by building on the core elements of the green economy and addressing climate related vulnerabilities made painfully evident during Hurricane Sandy....
Posted On 10 Jan 2013