Canada’s First Ministers Communiqué on Climate Change

Vancouver Agreement on Clean Growth and Climate Change is the most positive signal to date of real change in Canada's approach in dealing with climate change.
Posted On 04 Mar 2016

BC Introduces New legislation to enable world-leading provincial spills regime

The proposed regime will ensure effective preparedness, response and recovery measures are in place for hazardous substance spills, from any source
Posted On 29 Feb 2016
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Which of Today’s Business Practices Will Seem Barbaric in the Future?

What will our descendants consider unseemly, unacceptable, or just plain stupid?
Posted On 13 Feb 2016
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The 1% Solution: Grow Your Business By Leveraging Incremental Improvement

“Human happiness comes not from infrequent pieces of good fortune, but from the small improvements in daily life” – Benjamin Franklin
Posted On 09 Feb 2016
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TELUS and Green Standards Partner to Decommission Office Spaces

Thanks to a national partnership between TELUS and Green Standards, Place Cartier school received over 80 donated items, which included school-room essentials like chairs, desks, and cabinets.
Posted On 09 Feb 2016
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A Circular Economy for Europe

Circular economy to have considerable benefits, but challenges remain
Posted On 26 Jan 2016
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National Energy Board Releases Pipeline Safety Engagement Report

The National Engagement Initiative fundamentally altered the way that the NEB understands its role as a federal regulator
Posted On 13 Jan 2016
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Concrete Industry Issues Environmental Product Declarations

North American Precast Concrete Industry Issues Environmental Product Declarations in Three Key Precast Concrete Product Categories
Posted On 12 Jan 2016
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