Electric vehicles threaten to overtake biofuel

A sharp increase in the predicted global number of EVs prompts Brazil to rev up its promotion of low-carbon biofuels.
Posted On 05 Jan 2017
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The Future of Urban Transportation is Electric. How Will It Change Our Lives?

The Future of Transport Will Be Electric, On-Demand, Connected, and Autonomous - but How Will It Affect the Environment?
Posted On 23 Nov 2016
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Investors threaten car industry on climate

To thrive in a carbon-constrained environment car manufacturers must address climate change by switching to low-emission models − or face a massive sell-off of their shares.
Posted On 12 Oct 2016
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Emissions targets need all-electric cars

Cutting emissions to meet the internationally-agreed limits on global temperature rise will require an end soon to all fossil-fuelled cars.
Posted On 20 Sep 2016
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Funding for Innovation in the Automotive Sector Announced

2016 marks the third consecutive year Canada has set a new record in car sales
Posted On 31 Aug 2016
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How to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles in Canada

Electric Mobility Canada unveils its recommendations to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles in Canada
Posted On 24 Mar 2016
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BC’s Commitment to Clean Energy Vehicles wins praise from auto industry

TORONTO, March 2, 2016 – The Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA) applauds theBritish Columbia government’s announcement today to renew and enhance the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) consumer incentive program in British Columbia. “This is a...
Posted On 02 Mar 2016
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Electric Vehicle Sales in North America on the rise

North American sales are expected to exceed 1.1 million annually by 2024. Canada is 1 year behind the United States in terms of vehicle availability but sales will rise by over 20% annually
Posted On 25 Jul 2015
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