Our changing forests – fires, storms, and insects are changing everything

Droughts, fires, wind and insects are putting increased stress on our forests – and they are all influenced by climate change
Posted On 31 May 2017
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Arctic Ocean could be ice-free before mid-century

By 2050, human beings will have added enough carbon dioxide to the atmosphere to melt all the Arctic's sea ice, research predicts.
Posted On 05 Nov 2016
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Greenland rises as ice sheet melts faster

New research shows that Greenland has been losing billions more tonnes of ice than thought – and gaining height as bedrock rises under less weight.
Posted On 01 Oct 2016
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July was hottest month on record for the globe

Analysis confirms 15 consecutive months of record-breaking heat
Posted On 18 Aug 2016
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The Elephants of Antarctica & Greenland

The “elephants” of Greenland and Antarctica are on the move, flexing their big bodies, and getting ready to go for a swim in the ocean. We have time to begin adapting to the new reality,
Posted On 12 Aug 2016
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Climate disasters increase risk of armed conflict in multi-ethnic countries

Climate disasters like heat-waves or droughts enhance the risk of armed conflicts in countries with high ethnic diversity
Posted On 26 Jul 2016
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Warming warning is a burning issue

Canadian scientists show that unregulated exploitation of fossil fuels could lead to dramatic rises in temperature more than double the levels previously feared.
Posted On 26 May 2016
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US insurance aid props up climate-risk homes

Major insurer calls for an end to government subsidies that encourage expensive house-building schemes in areas of the US at high risk of floods and storms.
Posted On 25 May 2016
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