A Circular Economy for Europe

Circular economy to have considerable benefits, but challenges remain
Posted On 26 Jan 2016
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New coalition to wage war on wasted food

New global coalition says food that fails to reach consumers or is dumped as waste could instead save lives and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted On 24 Jan 2016
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Canada’s National Zero Waste Council a Finalist in The Circulars 2016 Awards

Canada's Zero Waste Council recognized as a leader in city and regional efforts to reduce wastes
Posted On 19 Jan 2016

Food Waste, Hunger and Climate Change – The Hidden Connection

In addition to greenhouse gas emissions, the water used to grow the food we throw away is greater than the water used by any single nation on the planet.
Posted On 03 Aug 2015
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Waste Crime – Addressing Gaps in the Global E-Waste System

A staggering 60% to 90% of wastes are illegally traded or dumped, according to a new UNEP report
Posted On 23 May 2015
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How Food Waste Costs Our Cities Millions

Almost all urban areas experience high levels of food waste—food that is fit for consumption when it reaches consumers but is discarded before or after spoiling.
Posted On 19 May 2015
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Illegally Dumped E-Waste Worth up to $19 Billion Annually

Inconsistency in Cross-Border Regulations Challenge to Effective Control of Illegal Waste Trafficking
Posted On 14 May 2015
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Celebrating Canadian design for preventing waste and increasing sustainability

Design portfolio from National Zero Waste Council showcases products incorporating forward-thinking on zero waste design and lifecycle criteria.
Posted On 12 May 2015
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