2014 study of Canadian clean technology companies kicks off its 4th edition


GLOBE-Net, October 16, 2013 — The 2014 Canadian Sustainable Technology Industry Report has kicked off with an invitation to companies from across Canada to participate in a cross section of technologies for the purpose of building a picture of the industry. 

This fourth national report is made possible by the participation of companies like Ballard, Ostara, Saltworks, Tantalus and Westport that are engaged in the development and marketing of proprietary technology that reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts and that deliver competitive performance.

It is the only report of its kind and is used around the world for policy and investment strategy.The report, which receives no corporate or public sector sponsorship, will be published in Q1 2014. 

The 2014 report, now named the Canadian Sustainable Technology Industry Report to reflect the industry’s broad credentials, will showcase the industry’s role as an enabler of low carbon growth, urban infrastructure, international development, as well as reduced operating cost and waste reduction in established sectors such oil & gas, infrastructure, mining, forestry and aerospace.

“This is a strategic industry for Canada and keeping track of it enables us to understand both its achievements and its potential”, says Céline Bak, President of Analytica Advisors, publishers of the report whose first national edition was launched in March 2010 at Globe.

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The 2014 Canadian Sustainable Industry Report will also build the fact base for regulators to reassess the role that sustainable technology companies play in regulated industries such as water, electricity, oil, gas and mining and others.  In many jurisdictions including the US, regulations are now under review.  The time is right to bring forward evidence to support policies and regulations that are inclusive of technology solutions.

International financial institutions such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asia Development Bank and the International Finance Corporation are looking to Canadian companies to be part of low carbon solutions and the infrastructure needed for urbanizing emerging economies.

As was the case last year, the 2014 Canadian Sustainable Technology Industry Report will showcase the companies that can solve these challenges. Canada’s own international development initiatives are now founded on principles of Sustainable Economic Development, so that Canadian know-how brings economic opportunity to families in developing economies.

The 2014 report will provide a vehicle to showcase the industry’s unique and scalable solutions.   survey button

The survey must be completed by October 30th to ensure the inclusion of your company in the 2014 report. Click here to Participate – Cliquez ici pour y participer

Céline Bak | President – Analytica Advisors | t: +1 613 866 9157 | celine.bak@analytica-advisors.com | www.analytica-advisors.com


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