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Every year, the Alberta-based Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation provides millions of dollars in funding to support projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Since 2010 the CCEMC has committed funding to more than 80 projects related to cleaner energy production and processing, carbon capture, carbon utilization, energy efficiency, renewable energy and biological greenhouse gas management.

The CCEMC supports bright ideas from around the world, and its portfolio stretches across the innovation scale, from early stage research to commercialization. CCEMC projects have a combined value of more than $1.6 billion CAD. More detail about the CCEMC is available here.

Funding available

The CCEMC now has $65 million CAD available to support projects that will reduce GHG emissions. The CCEMC provides patient capital in the form of grants. The organization does not receive a monetary return on its investment, but sees a return in the form of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. For this round of funding, the maximum CCEMC contribution to a single project will be $25 million CAD over the life of the project, and the organization will support no more than one-half of the project’s eligible expenses.

Apply now

Eligible projects include:

  1. Energy Efficiency and Conservation: projects in this area include those that transform how energy is used, apply energy-efficient solutions, and conserve energy. Energy efficiency refers to using energy more effectively to achieve the same outcome, and often involves new technology. Energy conservation refers to reducing overall energy consumption, and often involves behavior change.
  2. Carbon Capture and Storage: projects in this area relate to the implementation of carbon capture and storage to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and include carbon capture technologies as well as both geological and biological sequestration opportunities.
  3. Cleaner Energy Production and Utilization: projects in this area reduce greenhouse gases through more sustainable approaches to energy production, and include cleaner fossil fuel production and processing, renewable energy, and alternative energy sources (e.g. fuel switching).

Full guidelines and instructions are available here.

Simple submission process

The CCEMC has a straightforward online submission process.  After reviewing the guide and instructions to determine eligibility, you can register with the CCEMC and then complete documentation online in a four-page response template.  The template includes the weighting for each section.

Supporting information including a GHG emission reduction guidance document and information about eligible expenses are also available on the CCEMC website. All submissions are vetted and projects are shortlisted and then full project proposals are requested.  The CCEMC board makes the final project selection. Projects from this round of funding will be approved in May 2016.

CCEMC contact

If after reviewing the instructions, guidelines and supporting materials you have technical questions, please direct them to: info@ccemc.ca (+1) 780.412.1920

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