Fostering a strong relationship between people, planet and profit

At GLOBE, we believe it’s our duty to create the environment for the free exchange of ideas, talents, and efforts to make this a better place to live, work and raise our children.
Posted On 26 Mar 2014
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Business Case Evaluation

Business Case Evaluation Workshop to be held as part of the GLOBE 2014
Posted On 19 Mar 2014
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Advancing a Waste Prevention and Reduction Agenda in Canada

You are invited to a Special Session at Globe 2014 on Zero Waste
Posted On 15 Mar 2014
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Can We Prevent A Food Breakdown?

Preventing a food system breakdown will require a huge political effort and a fierce sense of urgency.
Posted On 12 Mar 2014
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Towards the Circular Economy

In the face of volatility increases across the global economy the call for a new economic model is getting louder.
Posted On 25 Feb 2014
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A Critical Discussion: Our Shared Future with China

GLOBE 2014 will explore why helping to green China benefits so many other parts of the planet.
Posted On 24 Feb 2014
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Building Resilient Cities: Effective Dialogue and Solutions at GLOBE 2014

A resilient city requires sustainable urban management policies, programs and initiatives.
Posted On 21 Feb 2014
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In Conversation with Rob Wesseling – Extreme Weather

Climate change is a fact. Regardless of your view of cause more severe weather is unavoidable.
Posted On 19 Feb 2014
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