China Greentech Report 2013 – China at a Crossroads

 The China Greentech Initiative has released the fourth in the series of annual China Greentech Reports.

GLOBE-Net, June 4, 2013 – The China Greentech Initiative (CGTI) has released The China Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads, the fourth in the series of annual China Greentech Reports.

Each edition is the culmination of the annual collaborative research effort undertaken by CGTI’s Partner Program community of 100+ commercial and policy organizations. 

The China Greentech Report 2013 finds that now, more than ever, China is at a crossroads in its greentech development. Despite an increasing amount of greentech investment (reaching USD$ 67 billion in 2012) and a wealth of green technologies ready to be deployed, China is plagued by increasingly severe environmental issues as a consequence of its rapid economic growth.

[stextbox id=”custom” float=”true” align=”right” width=”200″ bcolor=”add3d5″ bgcolor=”add3d5″ image=”null”]Three decades of rapid development in China have led to impressive economic growth and rising levels of prosperity, yet at great environmental  cost. [/stextbox]
To combat this, China must de-emphasize supply-focused targets and adopt a more integrated approach linked to tangible outcomes in order to achieve real environmental results. 

Key findings from The China Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads

  • January’s “Airpocalypse-level” PM2.5 readings have triggered meaningful government responses, including the requirement for 74 cities to publish and establish a framework for monitoring and reducing dangerously high PM2.5 levels   
  • Given that energy and emissions-related targets in the 12th Five-Year Plan factor in continued growth in China’s coal consumption and CO2 emissions, the country has ambitions to rely more heavily on increasing efficiency in buildings and industry to reduce GDP energy intensity  
  • 43% of China’s primary energy is consumed in three sectors (ferrous metals, chemical products and non-metallic mineral products) that have major opportunities for efficiency; steel, cement and coal-fired power industries also show prospects for significant energy reductions

The China Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads  highlights “Visions and Roadmaps” for realizing China’s goals in five greentech ecosystems:  

  • Built Environment: Challenges and opportunities to improving quality and reducing the environmental impact of buildings through integrated, replicable and measurable solutions
  • Electric Vehicles: Driving growth of China’s electric vehicles market through stimulating consumer demand, improving the performance of batteries, battery management systems, and DC charging infrastructure within targeted pilot locations
  • Low Carbon Eco-Cities: Integrating planning, buildings and infrastructure in the early stages of city development while tailoring to local characteristics in an economically and environmentally beneficial fashion
  • Next-Generation Energy Value Chains: Promoting the growth of distributed gas and solar energy while continuing to adapt grid capabilities and flexibility, leveraging international expertise to develop unconventional gas sources, and prioritizing efficiency along energy value chains
  • Sustainability:   Developing  strategies that originate from an organization’s senior leadership in China, which understands government priorities, manages a supply chain that considers scarce resources, and engages with external stakeholders to communicate and verify the company’s sustainability efforts

China 5 Year Plan

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