Environment and cleantech companies “bright spot” in Ontario economy



GLOBE-Net, December 19, 2012 – While other parts of the Ontario economy may be struggling, it’s full speed ahead for the province’s growing environment and cleantech sector.

According to a new survey of companies in the field, 73% had hired full-time staff in the past twelve months and 93% said they were likely to hireadditional staff within the coming year.

The survey, conducted with members of the Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) by Stuart-O’Hara Inc. Knowledge Management Services, also found that 77% of companies were “optimistic” about prospects for growth in the coming year.

[stextbox id=”custom” float=”true” width=”200″ bcolor=”add3d5″ bgcolor=”add3d5″ image=”null”]Ontario is home to the single greatest concentration of environment and cleantech companies in Canada. [/stextbox]

“This is good news for the Ontario economy and for the environment and cleantech sector,” said Alex Gill, Executive Director of ONEIA. “We know the Canadian and world market in this area is booming so it is good to see that Ontario companies are growing and hiring in response.”

Ontario is home to the single greatest concentration of environment and cleantech companies in Canada. These firms work in a variety of fields, including water and wastewater technology, environmental engineering, recycling and composting, brownfields redevelopment and alternative energy.

According to Statistics Canada, Ontario has more than 3,000 companies in this area that employ approximately 65,000 people and generate more than $8-billion a year in annual revenues, including $1-billion in exports.

Founded in 1992, ONEIA is the business network for the province’s growing environment and cleantech sector.

The ONEIA network includes environmental technology, product and service companies, law, investment and insurance firms, institutes, universities and governments. Through their innovation and experience in Ontario and around the world, our environment and cleantech industry provides market-driven solutions for society’s most pressing environmental problems.

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