GLOBE 2012 Speaker Gina McCarthy confirmed to head U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


GLOBE-Net, July 19, 2013 – President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, former Assistant E.P.A. Administrator Gina McCarthy, was confirmed in her new post by the U.S. Senate yesterday in a 59 to 40 vote.

McCarthy, who spoke at the GLOBE 2012 Conference Session ‘Carbon Frustration’, was the object of a prolonged filibuster by Republican members of the Senate’s concerned about the EPA’s aggressive rulemaking designed to reduce carbon emissions, particularly from large, coal fired electrical power generators.

Her nomination was championed not only by environmental groups who praised her efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions, but also from business leaders who sensed she was open to compromise and dialogue.

In a press release issued before the Senate vote,  Dave McCurdy, President and CEO of the American Gas Association (AGA) said “Gina McCarthy and I have a constructive working relationship based on open and honest dialogue that will continue as we work towards the shared goal of improving the data available on the environmental impact of natural gas.”

“Recent EPA estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from the well to natural gas customers’ homes and businesses have been dramatically reduced and America’s natural gas utilities are committed to continuing to lower them further,” he added. “We look forwarding to working with Gina and her staff on that effort.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Hal Quinn CEO of the National Mining Association, saying his group “stands ready to work with Gina McCarthy, the newly-confirmed EPA administrator, and her staff toward thoughtful, constructive policies that assure America’s mining industry continues to provide the energy, metals and minerals all Americans depend on for economic security and quality of life.”

A more guarded endorsement came from Jack Gerard, President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, who cautioned McCarthy that “onerous new regulations could jeopardize America’s economy and energy revolution.”

“McCarthy’s confirmation comes at a critical time as our economy is recovering and America is becoming a global leader on energy,” he said. “President Obama has laid out a vision for an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy, and we hope McCarthy’s leadership will align the agency’s regulations with that vision. It’s critical for American jobs, revenue for our government, and our energy security.”

Noted for her skill as strategic administrator, during her 25 year career she has worked at both the state and local levels on critical environmental issues and helped coordinate policies on economic growth, energy, transportation and the environment.

She also has extensive experience with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the nation’s first market-based greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system.

In McCarthy’s address at GLOBE 2012 she displayed her enthusiastic, no nonsense frankness when she told her delighted audience that we must “… stop global warming and do it by stopping global whining.” See video below.

A strong advocate of the green economy, McCarthy stressed at GLOBE 2012 that protecting the environment actually helps strengthen the economy and builds a stronger basis for job creation and making money.

Citing example after example during her comments at GLOBE 2012, she demonstrated that reducing greenhouse gas emissions not only saves lives, it saves money. “Every ton of greenhouse gas emission is a ton of wasted opportunity to save money and to make money,” she said.

The GLOBE Group congratulate Ms. McCarthy on her new appointment and hopes that she will find the time to visit us again at GLOBE 2014 taking place in Vancouver March 26-28 next year.

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