Greening the Ice – FortisBC to reduce CO2 emissions from ice rinks


October 2, 2013

 GLOBE-net, October 2, 2013 – With a recently announced FortisBC pilot program trying out the REALice technology, 10 BC participating ice rinks will receive a rebate that will completely cover the installed cost of a de-areator system, such as REALice system up to $29,000. 

This means that each ice arena could reduce carbon emissions by 50 tons per year. With a goal of 10 ice rink participants 500 tons would not go into the atmosphere – the equivalent of approximately 400 small cars driving 10,000 kms each taken off the road. 

Hockey and skating fans would be interested to know that this type of technology removes micro bubbles from water so that when the ice is resurfaced during the game or event the ice becomes harder and clearer.

“I am very happy, that Fortis BC has decided to take the lead and piloting this European technology in British Columbia,” said  Florian Gabriel, SWICH SERVICES Inc, Canadian Technology Transfer Partner for REALice.

“With savings for an average ice sheet of 600 – 1000 gigajoules of natural gas per year and 50,000 kWh and more on hydro, the adoption of this technology will make a big difference in the energy costs of ice arenas in British Columbia,” he added.  

[stextbox id=”custom” float=”true” align=”right” width=”300″ bcolor=”a5fcf9″ bgcolor=”a5fcf9″ image=”null”]FortisBC commits to reduce up to 500t of CO2 emissions from ice rinks through new pilot program.[/stextbox]

Using this system the ice-sheet can be resurfaced with ambient temperature water so there is no need to heat the water saving costs on energy. 

Another environmental benefit is that De-humidifiers are used less as there is less evaporation due to the use of cold water. 

With a successful outcome of the pilot project, Real-ice is looking at installing their vortex mechanical de-aerator technology in a potential 350 rinks in BC who could benefit from potential subsidies and offsets of over 15,000 tons of CO2.  

So far the “green ice” technology has been installed in over 250 ice arenas in Europe and almost a dozen in North America. There are a few in Russia as well. 

The REALice technology is part of the FortisBC pilot program to save ice arenas costs, energy and emissions. The rebated amount from Fortis fully covers the cost of the REALice technology. 

For ice arenas interested in participating in the pilot program they can go to the REALice website to learn about the system that lays and resurfaces ice rinks and then select “Fortis Pilot” on the menu. 

Expressions of interest forms have been sent to many ice rinks in BC by FortisBC and all applications must be submitted by November 1, 2013. 

Learn More: REALice

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