Nestlé named one of the world’s top ten most reputable companies


GLOBE-Net, April 10, 2013 – Nestlé has been named one of the top ten most reputable companies in the world in the annual ‘Global RepTrakTM 100′ study.

The company achieved ninth place in the study, which is designed to understand how organisations build trust and support with the general public worldwide.

It is the first time Nestlé has ranked in the top ten, moving up three places from last year to become the highest scoring food and beverage company in the 2013 study.

The annual Global RepTrak™ Pulse is the world’s largest reputation study. It is designed to understand what it takes to build trust and support with the general public around the world. The study provides key insights into what drives these perceptions and how they influence marketplace behavior.

[stextbox id=”custom” float=”true” width=”200″ bcolor=”add3d5″ bgcolor=”add3d5″ image=”null”]The annual Global RepTrak™ Pulse is the world’s largest reputation study. It is designed to understand what it takes to build trust and support with the general public around the world. [/stextbox]

More than 55,000 consumers from the world’s 15 biggest economies were interviewed for the study by the leading reputation management consultancy  Reputation Institute.

Nestlé will participate in  two live webinars organised by the Reputation Institute on Wednesday 10 April 2013 to discuss the challenges for reputation leaders, and how it is working to build and protect its own reputation.

The first webinar takes place at 08:00CET and the second at 11:00EST.

Strong reputation

“Nestlé has a strong reputation with consumers around the world,” said Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner at Reputation Institute.

“Consumers trust, admire and are willing to support Nestlé because the company is seen to deliver on expectations within all seven dimensions of reputation; from high quality products to fair business practices, good social responsibility and strong financial results.

“The leading companies work with reputation as an integrated part of their business and Nestlé is a good example of the business benefit a strong reputation can give if managed well.”

RepTrak TM 100 study 

The Global RepTrakTM 100 study measures 100 of the world’s most highly-regarded companies to find out what it takes to build a strong global reputation, and how leading companies are perceived.

The study examines the relationship between the emotional connections stakeholders have with a company and their perceptions of seven ‘dimensions’ of that company. These are: products and services, innovation, workplace, citizenship, governance, leadership and performance.

The aim of the study is to provide insights into what drives people’s perceptions of companies and how these perceptions influence marketplace behaviour.

Read the full 2013 Global RepTrakTM 100 study here.

Other Nestlé  awards and recognitions include:

Nestlé ranked number one in consumer food products by Fortune
Nestlé tops list of global companies cutting carbon emissions
Nestlé ranks in the Top 50 of the World’s Most Attractive Employers

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