New Call for Proposals to Reduce GHG Emissions


 $65 million in funding available for innovative ideas that work

EDMONTON – The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) is inviting funding submissions for projects that will help Alberta to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Successful projects will focus on energy efficiency and conservation, carbon capture and storage, or cleaner energy production and utilization. Initial submissions are due by August 28 and successful projects will be announced in 2015.

“The CCEMC is interested in finding the best ideas from around the world to help Alberta stimulate the development of transformative technologies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said CCEMC Chair Eric Newell.

All projects must be applicable for the province of Alberta. Projects may include laboratory or bench scale proof-of-concept demonstrations, prototype development and testing, small scale or field scale pilot demonstration and deployment projects.

Technology development and small demonstration projects can occur anywhere, as long as the development is suitable for Alberta.

Applicants will need to demonstrate the suitability of the technology and describe how it will be transferred to Alberta during or after the project. Large demonstration and deployment projects must take place in Alberta to be considered.

The CCEMC will contribute a maximum of $25 million per project, and will support up to half of the project’s eligible expenses. The maximum project term for this call for proposals is three years.

Successful projects will have the potential to result in significant, verifiable and sustainable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Submissions are accepted online and guidelines are available on  There are no restrictions on the number of projects that any one applicant can submit. 

The CCEMC focuses on stimulating transformative change by funding projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help Alberta adapt to climate change.

The CCEMC receives its funding through a grant from the Alberta Government’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund. Since 2007, facilities that annually produce more than 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are required to
reduce their greenhouse gas intensity by 12 per cent relative to a historic baseline.

One compliance option is to pay $15 for every tonne over the reduction limit into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund.

The CCEMC operates arms-length of government.

300x250_buttons-1 The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation will be exhibiting at GLOBE 2014. Do stop by Booth 1301 to learn more about this new funding opportunity.

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