Sun Country Highway Launches E-Mazing Race

First-ever EV race across North America will stretch over two countries from Seattle Washington to Prince Edward Island 

GLOBE-Net, September 4, 2013- Saskatoon-based Sun Country Highway, a Canadian leader in EV infrastructure, has launched the E-mazing Race, a trans-continental EV rally focused on conquering one of the most diverse, vast, and geographically challenging continents in the world – North America.

Officially launched yesterday in Seattle Washington, the first ever transcontinental EV race will stretch over two countries from Seattle Washington to Prince Edward Island.

The E-Mazing Race will conclude in Summerside, PEI on Friday September 20, 2013.

There is no admission feefor those wishing to take part in the raceand racers can start from anywherein North America. Prizes will be awarded to race participants who make the E-mazing journey and/or who stop at the most Sun Country Highway EV Chargers. 

EV Owners from across North America may join the race anywhere and will be able to charge their electric vehicles at no cost on Sun Country’s network of charging stations that have already been installed coast to coast.

sun Country race image_map

For the first time in history, boasts Sun Country, an EV charging network is ahead of the automotive industry with the ability to charge virtually all EVs faster than what is currently available anywhere.

And this coast-to-coast EV charging network was completed in less than a year without any government assistance Sun Country boasts in its media release.

Founded by president, Kent Rathwell, Sun Country Highway was created to build the most sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure in the world.

“Our vision is focused on helping Canadians keep money in their pockets and spend time with their families, while fostering a culture of economic and environmental sustainability” said Rathwell.

You can follow progress of the E-Mazing Race here:

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