Forests cut warming better than technology

Biofuels are no easy answer to climate change. Nor is storing captured carbon dioxide. The world’s great forests cut warming better than engineered solutions can.
Posted On 11 Sep 2018
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Energy efficiency gains ground despite lower energy prices – IEA

Economies have needed less energy to grow in recent years but more vigorous policies are needed to achieve climate targets, says new IEA report
Posted On 10 Oct 2016
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Aviation industry plans to curb emissions

Historic agreement by the aviation industry aims to offset carbon emissions by the world’s airlines from 2020. Will it be enough to curb one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gases?
Posted On 09 Oct 2016
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Governments Urged to End Expensive Emissions-Reduction Policies

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission recommends letting biofuels stand on their own, without support from government subsidies
Posted On 05 Oct 2016

Amazon burns as Brazil signs Paris pledge

Forest fires in the Amazon region are reaching record levels as Brazil’s government fails to tackle the deforestation that fuels the country’s high rate of emissions.
Posted On 11 Sep 2016
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Rise Up – California’s Advanced Energy Industry on the Move

Growing at three times the rate of employment overall, advanced energy supports more jobs in California than agriculture, or motion pictures, TV, radio
Posted On 20 Apr 2016

New coalition to wage war on wasted food

New global coalition says food that fails to reach consumers or is dumped as waste could instead save lives and cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted On 24 Jan 2016
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Do we need a new Apollo Mission to save the earth?

Eminent group urges governments to make the massive research investment that would enable the world to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy by 2025.
Posted On 03 Jun 2015
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