Policy uncertainty threatens to slow renewable energy momentum

Renewables require a market context that assures a reasonable and predictable return for investors. That policy context is lacking.
Posted On 28 Aug 2014
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SDTC Looking for Canada’s Next Cleantech Innovators

SDTC helps commercialize Canadian clean technologies, readying them for growth and export markets.
Posted On 27 Aug 2014
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The emerging power of microgrids

After more than a century with little change, electricity infrastructure is being remade.
Posted On 04 Jul 2014
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Plastic Wastes – a $13 Billion Financial Impact on Marine Ecosystems Each Year

The financial damage of plastics to marine ecosystems is US$13 billion each year.
Posted On 26 Jun 2014
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Smart Policies Deliver Economic, Health and Climate Benefits

Climate-Smart Development actions can build prosperity, end poverty and combat climate change
Posted On 23 Jun 2014
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Grass is greener for biofuels future

A genetically-engineered bacterium developed by scientists in the US can produce ethanol biofuel from coarse, wild-growing switchgrass, rather than using vital food crops such as maize.
Posted On 10 Jun 2014
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Is China a market? A partner? A competitor? Yes. Yes. And yes.

China is Leading in both in ‘Clean’ and ‘Dirty’
Posted On 06 Jun 2014
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Wanted – $48 trillion to meet world energy needs to 2035

Clear and credible signals from policy makers needed to lower risks and inspire confidence
Posted On 03 Jun 2014
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