The Power to Change – Can renewable energy remake Alberta?

New analysis finds renewable electricity ultimately cheaper than over-reliance on fossil fuels
Posted On 31 May 2014
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CO2 levels hit record high – UN calls for action now

“Time is running out,” says top UN Official
Posted On 27 May 2014
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Renewable Energy Provides 6.5 Million Jobs Globally

Sector shows significant job growth over 2012,
Posted On 11 May 2014
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Emerging Technologies – How will they change our lives?

Good scenarios explore the possible, not just the probable and provide relevant challenges to conventional wisdom.
Posted On 29 Apr 2014
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Clean Edge Finds Global Solar Deployment Exceeds Wind For First Time

Global Renewables Market Holds Steady at $248 Billion; Annual Report Highlights Five Trends to Watch
Posted On 26 Mar 2014
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Oil and gas incumbents: the upside of cleantech collaboration

Cleantech collaborations offer significant upsides to both parties.
Posted On 20 Mar 2014
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Can We Prevent A Food Breakdown?

Preventing a food system breakdown will require a huge political effort and a fierce sense of urgency.
Posted On 12 Mar 2014
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Advanced Energy is a $1.1 Trillion Global Industry

Advanced Energy Grew Twice as Fast as the World Economy in 2013
Posted On 06 Mar 2014
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