Cleantech Trends that will Change Our Future

"Our future will not be changed overnight by a revolutionary or game-changing clean technology innovation." John D. Wiebe
Posted On 21 Feb 2014
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Net Zero Waste – So What?

Economic growth and social development cannot be sustained with our current consumption, production and disposal patterns.
Posted On 10 Feb 2014
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In Conversation with Jules Kortenhorst – CEO Rocky Mountain Institute

Jules Kortenhorst is the Chief Executive Officer at the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). He is a recognized leader on global energy issues and climate change. His background spans business, government, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit leadership.  GLOBE spoke with Jules about his...
Posted On 09 Feb 2014
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Hefty Subsidies Prop Up Unsustainable Energy Systems

New Worldwatch Institute report reviews extent of global energy subsidies
Posted On 23 Jan 2014
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Global Energy Outlook Shows Demand Growth Slowing

Global energy demand continues to grow but that growth is slowing and mainly driven by emerging economies
Posted On 16 Jan 2014
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Nexterra to Supply Biomass Gasification System for Birmingham Power UK

The plant will supply enough electricity to power 17,000 homes and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) by 107,000 tonnes per annum.
Posted On 12 Dec 2013
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The Pacific Coast Climate Agreement: West Coast Progress

By Guy Dauncey, BCSEA GLOBE-Net, November 15, 2013 At the end of October, Christy Clark, BC’s Premier, signed a high profile agreement with the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California in which the four leaders make a strong and clear commitment to lead national and...
Posted On 15 Nov 2013
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Meeting the 2 Degree Global Temperature Goal Can be Done – UNEP

Too Little, Too Late? Not really. We can still make the target if we try harder.
Posted On 08 Nov 2013
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