Building Resilient Cities: Effective Dialogue and Solutions at GLOBE 2014

A resilient city requires sustainable urban management policies, programs and initiatives.
Posted On 21 Feb 2014
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In Conversation with Rob Wesseling – Extreme Weather

Climate change is a fact. Regardless of your view of cause more severe weather is unavoidable.
Posted On 19 Feb 2014
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In Conversation with Martha Delgado Peralta

The vision, goals, and citizens’ behavior must be transformed in order to transform the city into a great place for living.
Posted On 09 Feb 2014
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CDP Funding to Broaden Cities Research Partnership with C40

When fully implemented, C40 Cities climate actions will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 248 million tons worldwide by 2020
Posted On 19 Dec 2013
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GLOBE Foundation to address urban adaptation, “resilient cities”

Cities around the globe are working to reduce their carbon footprint.
Posted On 05 Dec 2013
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China at Crossroads: Balancing The Economy and Environment

One thing is certain: China's leadership is now feeling intensifying public pressure to do something about the environment.
Posted On 28 Nov 2013
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Lessons from Japan: How the Nation Can Supercharge its Clean-Energy Economy

Two and a half years after the Fukushima disaster, all of Japan’s 50 nuclear reactors are offline.
Posted On 06 Nov 2013
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How green is your city? And how do you know?

In a new book, an engineer and an architect lay out a program for urban development based on environmental sustainability.
Posted On 04 Nov 2013
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