Emerging Technologies – How will they change our lives?

Good scenarios explore the possible, not just the probable and provide relevant challenges to conventional wisdom.
Posted On 29 Apr 2014
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Oil and gas incumbents: the upside of cleantech collaboration

Cleantech collaborations offer significant upsides to both parties.
Posted On 20 Mar 2014
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Industrial Symbiosis – New Driver of Green Growth

One company's waste and by-products, can be another company's opportunity and cost saving
Posted On 29 Jan 2014
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Global Energy Outlook Shows Demand Growth Slowing

Global energy demand continues to grow but that growth is slowing and mainly driven by emerging economies
Posted On 16 Jan 2014
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Top 10 Clean Energy Developments of 2013

Many clean energy developments are bringing us closer to a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future
Posted On 10 Jan 2014
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GLOBE 2014 Features Foremost Innovators in Business of the Environment Conference

“Our goal with GLOBE for the past 24 years has always been to assemble a line-up of thought-leading conference speakers.
Posted On 11 Dec 2013
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Cleantech To Rebound in 2014

“After 20 years in technology, the more we looked at the data, the more we realized we'd seen this movie before,”.
Posted On 09 Dec 2013
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Global Warming Target of 2ºC is Dangerously Too High – Report

“It is crucial that the major international powers today realize that we are all in the same boat together and we will all sink together or sail together“
Posted On 07 Dec 2013
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