US coastal cities warned of daily high tide floods

Coastal cities should prepare for daily flooding at high tide by mid-century
Posted On 05 Jan 2015
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Back in the News – Climate coverage returns to its 2009 peak

A sharp rise in reporting, spurred largely by energy development, put global coverage of climate change in 2014 back near its 2009 peak. 
Posted On 04 Jan 2015
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Flying high on CO2

Aviation industry faces pressure to stop GHG threat
Posted On 01 Jan 2015
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The dark side of climate change

More cities in the US face the threat of power blackouts caused by fierce and frequent hurricanes.
Posted On 29 Dec 2014
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Climate impact on agriculture could lead to calamity

Widespread hunger and poverty predicted unless strategies are developed to cope with drop in crop yields from climate change
Posted On 22 Dec 2014
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