Policy uncertainty threatens to slow renewable energy momentum

Renewables require a market context that assures a reasonable and predictable return for investors. That policy context is lacking.
Posted On 28 Aug 2014
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Atlantic depths may hold key to heat hiatus

Many earlier papers focused on symptoms at the surface of the earth not in the deep ocean
Posted On 22 Aug 2014
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Top 20 oil projects put investors’ billions at risk

High-cost extraction projects failing to match oil demand with global emissions reduction targets could put investors’ money at risk
Posted On 15 Aug 2014
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Something new under the sun in British Columbia

Western Canada's Largest Solar Powered Development Begins
Posted On 14 Aug 2014
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Syncrude recognized for science and technology contributions

Much of the oil sands technology in use todayt was developed or inspired by Syncrude's R&D team
Posted On 06 Aug 2014
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Promoting Responsible Energy Pricing

“We know where we need to go and how to get there, so let us start the journey” IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
Posted On 01 Aug 2014
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Water Resources Fact Sheet

Water scarcity may be the most underrated resource issue the world is facing today.
Posted On 30 Jul 2014
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SNC-Lavalin to develop nuclear projects in China and abroad

SNC-Lavalin provides a complete range of services to the nuclear industry in Canada and around the world
Posted On 25 Jul 2014
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