Cutting emissions is ‘perfect option’

The best way to limit global warming is simply to end the use of fossil fuels
Posted On 06 Jun 2014
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China coal cap could strand assets

Coal consumption in China may be cut much faster than observers expect, leaving the mining sector − and foreign exporters − in disarray.
Posted On 05 Jun 2014
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Wanted – $48 trillion to meet world energy needs to 2035

Clear and credible signals from policy makers needed to lower risks and inspire confidence
Posted On 03 Jun 2014
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Earning Public Support for Resource Development

It’s time to start new conversations that add less heat and more light to controversial issues
Posted On 02 Jun 2014
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The Power to Change – Can renewable energy remake Alberta?

New analysis finds renewable electricity ultimately cheaper than over-reliance on fossil fuels
Posted On 31 May 2014
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CO2 levels hit record high – UN calls for action now

“Time is running out,” says top UN Official
Posted On 27 May 2014
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How to define measure and use energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is key to improving energy security and cutting greenhouse-gas emissions
Posted On 19 May 2014
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The economics of global environmental sustainability

"The future relies upon a restorative circular economy. " GLOBE Foundation CEO, Dr. John Wiebe
Posted On 03 Apr 2014
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