Suncor Energy releases 2013 Report on Sustainability

"Is it possible to have a prosperous economy and a vibrant society, while maintaining a healthy planet for our grandchildren? I believe the answer is yes," Steve Williams, president and CEO, Suncor.
Posted On 19 Jul 2013

Ontario’s New Energy Vision Puts Conservation First

Ontario's new approach for energy planning will focus on conservation measures before building new generation facilities.
Posted On 18 Jul 2013

Four energy policies can keep the 2 degrees C climate goal alive

IEA report shows how to stop growth in energy-related emissions by 2020 at no net economic cost
Posted On 13 Jul 2013
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Power-Hungry Devices Use $70 Billion of Energy Annually

A new analysis of devices and equipment commonly found in U.S. homes and businesses concludes that these products, with more than 2 billion in use, consume more energy each year than many large countries use to power their entire economies.
Posted On 09 Jul 2013

Expanded Use Of Natural Gas Can Cut Carbon Emissions

GLOBE-Net, June 28, 2013 – Increased natural gas use can help reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in the near to medium term, but deeper long-term reductions will require broader deployment of other low-carbon energy sources as well, according to a report released earlier...
Posted On 28 Jun 2013

Improving the flows of energy and materials in cities

GLOBE-Net, June 27, 2013 – A new tool to help planners choose urban designs that positively influence flows of energy, carbon, water and pollutants in cities is presented in a recent study. It is designed to integrate scientific knowledge into the planning process and...
Posted On 27 Jun 2013

Renewables to surpass gas by 2016 in the global power mix

GLOBE-Net, June 26, 2013 – Power generation from hydro, wind, solar and other renewable sources worldwide will exceed that from gas and be twice that from nuclear by 2016, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today in its second annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy...
Posted On 26 Jun 2013

Promoting Trans-Pacific Cooperation in a New Energy Era

GLOBE-Net, June 25, 2013 – The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and The National Bureau of Asian Research today released a report that provides policy recommendations to enhance trans-Pacific cooperation while also addressing environmental challenges.  The 2013 Summit...
Posted On 25 Jun 2013