Climate Change Will Impact Alberta’s Ecosystems – Report

Alberta’s Natural Regions are predicted to shift northward in response to climate change
Posted On 28 Aug 2013

Sea levels to rise 2 meters with each degree of global warming

Each degree of global warming is likely to raise sea level by more than 2 meters in the future.
Posted On 19 Aug 2013
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Canada’s Food System Needs Environmental Overhaul

The environmental impact of Canada's food system needs closer scrutiny, according to a new report.
Posted On 13 Aug 2013

International Institute for Extractive Industries is Hiring

The soon to be formally launched Canadian International Institute for Extractive Industries and Development is seeking a new Director, Institute Development & Management.
Posted On 30 Jul 2013

Getting the facts straight about weather related disasters

It is misleading, and just plain incorrect, to claim that disasters associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have increased either in the United States or globally.
Posted On 25 Jul 2013

GLOBE 2012 Speaker Gina McCarthy confirmed to head U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, former Assistant E.P.A. Administrator Gina McCarthy, was confirmed in her new post by the U.S. Senate
Posted On 19 Jul 2013

Suncor Energy releases 2013 Report on Sustainability

"Is it possible to have a prosperous economy and a vibrant society, while maintaining a healthy planet for our grandchildren? I believe the answer is yes," Steve Williams, president and CEO, Suncor.
Posted On 19 Jul 2013

GEO-5 for Business: Impacts of a Changing Environment on the Corporate Sector

The future of the private sector will increasingly hinge on the ability of businesses to adapt to the world's rapidly changing environment
Posted On 21 Jun 2013