Past emissions cause mounting climate havoc

Despite signs that the world will cut its future fossil fuel use, greenhouse gases already emitted are still driving accelerating climate change.
Posted On 29 Mar 2016

Western Europe coasts face a pounding

Extreme weather caused by global warming could lead to more violent and more frequent storms devastating beaches on exposed Atlantic coastlines in Europe.
Posted On 21 Mar 2016

Extreme Weather and Climate Change – They are linked!

New Report Says Science Can Estimate Influence of Climate Change on Some Types of Extreme Events 
Posted On 13 Mar 2016

Warming will slow transatlantic flights

Air journeys from Europe to North America will take longer and emit more CO2 into the atmosphere as climate-caused impacts increase the strength of jet-stream headwinds.
Posted On 13 Feb 2016
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New Analyses Reveals Record-Shattering Global Temperatures in 2015

The planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1.0 degree Celsius) since the late-19th century
Posted On 20 Jan 2016
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Earth has warmed as usual, there is no slowdown of global warming

US scientists re-examine the collection of data which seemed to show global warming slowing since 1998 and say temperatures have continued to rise steadily.
Posted On 07 Jun 2015
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Global Climate in 2014 marked by extreme heat and flooding

Record-breaking heat, extreme precipitation and floods are consistent with a warming climate due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
Posted On 26 Mar 2015
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2014 confirmed as Australia’s third warmest year on record

Globally preliminary estimates by the World Meteorological Organization has 2014 on track as the hottest on record
Posted On 07 Jan 2015
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