Reforming energy investment incentives

  GLOBE-Net, May 15, 2013 – There have been many calls for reform of the subsidies and incentives provided to the energy sector. A report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released last month urged policymakers the world over to reform subsidies for products...
Posted On 15 May 2013

New Federal Investments to Support Energy Innovation Projects

  GLOBE-Net, May 6, 2013 – The federal government announced support for 55 innovative new projects aimed at producing and using energy in a cleaner, more efficient way. The support, totaling more than $82 million, is being provided through the Government’s...
Posted On 06 May 2013

New Report Details Five Global Trends Shaping the Future of Energy

  GLOBE-Net, May 3, 2013 – Industrial energy users are going to have to bear the brunt as governments around the world struggle to bring down carbon emissions. That is the finding of a recent white paper produced by Schneider Electric Professional Services –...
Posted On 03 May 2013

California-Quebec Cap-and-Trade Link is a Major Step Forward for Both Markets

  GLOBE-Net, April 26, 2013 – The decision this week by California’s Air Resources Board setting January 1, 2014 as the start date for the linking of California’s cap-and-trade program with that of Québec is a major step forward for both jurisdictions. The...
Posted On 26 Apr 2013

New Fiscal Tool – Using Taxes as a Green Policy Lever

  GLOBE-Net, April 25, 2013 – Six countries – the US, Japan, UK, France, South Korea and China have been named by KPMG International as the most active in using tax as a tool to drive sustainable corporate behavior and achieve green policy goals. The finding is...
Posted On 25 Apr 2013

Business Coalition Study Shows Urgency of Green Economy Transition

New report by an international business coalition underscores the urgency of the need to transition toward a greener economy.
Posted On 25 Apr 2013

Reducing Renewable Energy Investment Risks in Developing Countries

  GLOBE-Net, April 24, 2013 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has released a guide to help in promoting investments in renewable energy in developing countries. The goal of the guide – “Derisking Renewable Energy Investment” – is to support...
Posted On 24 Apr 2013

Scaled-Up Investments in Sustainable Cities is Key to Sustainable Economy

  GLOBE-Net, April 17, 2013 – Investing in sustainable infrastructures and resource efficient technologies in cities offers a golden opportunity to deliver economic growth with lower rates of environmental degradation, reductions in poverty, cuts in greenhouse gases,...
Posted On 24 Apr 2013