Climate change legislation sees huge increase

More than 1,200 climate laws have been introduced since 1997, with a sharp rise in the number of countries legislating since the 2015 Paris Agreement
Posted On 11 May 2017
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New National Oceans Protection Plan Announced

Goal is to have a world-leading marine safety system that protects Canada’s coasts from oil tanker spills
Posted On 07 Nov 2016
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Gas leaks fuel climate change

Gas leaks from pipelines and wells are a source of methane emissions that could be easily fixed.
Posted On 27 Oct 2016
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Review of environmental and regulatory processes seeks to restore public trust

The federal government is acting on a commitment to review and restore confidence in Canada's environmental and regulatory processes
Posted On 20 Jun 2016

New Environmental Fines Announced for Maritime Industry in Canada

Proposed Regulations under the Environmental Violations Administrative Monetary Penalties Act would add penalties to the toolkit for enforcing Canada’s flagship environmental law
Posted On 17 May 2016
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National Energy Board not fulfilling its oversight role for pipeline safety

The Board needs to do more to keep pace with pipeline project proposals, the corresponding public interest and recent regulatory changes.
Posted On 26 Jan 2016
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National Energy Board Releases Pipeline Safety Engagement Report

The National Engagement Initiative fundamentally altered the way that the NEB understands its role as a federal regulator
Posted On 13 Jan 2016
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Director and Officer Liability in Ontario – Very Serious Business

Company directors are liable for the activities of the business and for the proper management of the capital necessary to remediate any issues
Posted On 11 Jun 2015
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