Why the right climate target was agreed in Paris

Controlled implosion of fossil industries and explosive renewables development can deliver on Paris
Posted On 23 Jun 2016
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Warming raises global economic threats

Research shows that the effects of extreme heat and weather events on production of raw materials has far-reaching and costly financial implications.
Posted On 17 Jun 2016
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Canada’s economy must be stronger, greener and more inclusive – OECD

Canada is adjusting to the fall in commodity prices, but more is needed to boost productivity and reduce risks
Posted On 13 Jun 2016

Ontario Releases New Climate Change Action Plan

Plan Charts Course to an Innovative, Low-Carbon Economy
Posted On 08 Jun 2016

Doing more to save our oceans

On World Oceans Day (June 8), Canadians across the country say we're not doing enough to care for our oceans, and they're prepared to take action.
Posted On 07 Jun 2016

Four strategies for sustainable prosperity within planetary boundaries

Many businesses are currently nowhere near even appreciating our planetary boundaries, let alone managing within them
Posted On 20 May 2016

Glad tidings for sea power potential

The daily ebb and flow of the tides promise a renewable energy bonanza for countries such as Canada and the UK that have shallow seas and a steep tidal range.
Posted On 17 May 2016

Climate adaptation gap grows wider

New study shows that the financial costs of developing countries adapting to the impacts of climate change may rise to as much as $500 billion by 2050.
Posted On 17 May 2016