New food waste framework points to a fundamental rethink of food practices

Preventing waste will need a fundamental rethink of current food systems and practices.
Posted On 03 Jul 2014
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EU Commission adopts 70% recycling plan

The European Commission has adopted proposals to turn Europe into a more circular economy and boost recycling in the Member States.
Posted On 03 Jul 2014
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Plastic Wastes – a $13 Billion Financial Impact on Marine Ecosystems Each Year

The financial damage of plastics to marine ecosystems is US$13 billion each year.
Posted On 26 Jun 2014
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Net Zero Waste – So What?

Economic growth and social development cannot be sustained with our current consumption, production and disposal patterns.
Posted On 10 Feb 2014
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New Strategies to Fight Health, Environmental Risks of Wastes

Half of the world’s population are without crucial waste management services, posing significant environmental and health hazards
Posted On 19 Oct 2013
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Making green mining less of an oxymoron

New breakthrough science and cost reductions hold promise for making mining more profitable, safer and cleaner.
Posted On 23 Sep 2013
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Energy Production on “Collision Course” With Water Supply

Coal-fired power, nuclear, natural gas from fracking singled out as increasingly untenable in portions of U.S. already struggling with shrinking water supplies.
Posted On 14 Sep 2013
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Is 3D printing an environmental win?

3D printing does not mean zero waste
Posted On 13 Aug 2013