China Outpacing Rest of World in Natural Resource Use

GLOBE-Net, August 8, 2013 – China has surged ahead of the rest of the world in material consumption, creating intense environmental pressures, but the country also remains among the most successful in improving resource efficiency, according to a new report released by the...
Posted On 13 Aug 2013

Future Power Generation Could Further Endanger Water Supplies

New study finds renewables and efficiency can steeply lower water use, carbon emissions
Posted On 01 Aug 2013
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Suncor Energy releases 2013 Report on Sustainability

"Is it possible to have a prosperous economy and a vibrant society, while maintaining a healthy planet for our grandchildren? I believe the answer is yes," Steve Williams, president and CEO, Suncor.
Posted On 19 Jul 2013

Beyond Water – Coca-Cola announces new environmental goals

Through their expanded global partnership, Coca-Cola and WWF developed 2020 environmental sustainability goals for the Coca-Cola system, including improving water use efficiency per liter of product produced.
Posted On 09 Jul 2013

ETV Support for Ontario’s Water Sector Strategy

GLOBE-Net, June 24, 2013 – The Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program has been delivered by GLOBE Performance Solutions (GPS) under a license agreement with Environment Canada since December 2012. Globe Performance Solutions works closely with a...
Posted On 24 Jun 2013

Shale Gas Development Impacts on Water Quality

Researchers conclude that shale gas wells and the treatment of shale gas  extraction waste have measurable impacts on downstream surface water quality. GLOBE-Net, June 19, 2013 – The impact of shale gas development on surface water quality has been explored in a recent...
Posted On 19 Jun 2013

China to target polluters with tougher fines and penalties

China’s Supreme Court and environmental protection agencies have issued a new judicial explanations that will impose harsher punishments on polluters.                                                                       GLOBE-Net June 18, 2013 – China’s Supreme...
Posted On 18 Jun 2013

The Future of Plastics – Is there a solution to this huge waste management problem?

Plastic – it has become the cornerstone of our modern life style, and one of the most challenging global waste management problems.
Posted On 10 Jun 2013