The number one thing we can do to protect Earth’s oceans

Marine governance favors consumption and commerce over conservation. Here's what we can do about it.
Posted On 29 May 2016
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Abrupt sea level rise looms as increasingly realistic threat

A growing number of studies are raising the possibility that sea levels could rise by six feet this century, and far higher in the next, flooding many of the world's populated coastal areas
Posted On 19 May 2016
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Glad tidings for sea power potential

The daily ebb and flow of the tides promise a renewable energy bonanza for countries such as Canada and the UK that have shallow seas and a steep tidal range.
Posted On 17 May 2016

New Environmental Fines Announced for Maritime Industry in Canada

Proposed Regulations under the Environmental Violations Administrative Monetary Penalties Act would add penalties to the toolkit for enforcing Canada’s flagship environmental law
Posted On 17 May 2016
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Sustainable seafood market is surging, study finds

report examines market and performance trends of the nine most prevalent seafood certification schemes
Posted On 11 May 2016

Climate-Driven Water Scarcity Could Hurt Economic Growth

Water scarcity, exacerbated by climate change, could cost some regions up to 6 percent of their GDP
Posted On 05 May 2016

Turning the Tide on Plastic Waste

A new report finds Ontario can reduce waste and raise funds to protect the Great Lakes by putting a deposit on plastic bottles
Posted On 29 Apr 2016

Have humans tilted the climate books out of balance?

Greenhouse gases from cattle, fertilisers, manure and agriculture mean that human activities have turned the land and soil into part of the global warming machine.
Posted On 24 Mar 2016