Unilever sees sustainability supporting growth

Unilever says it is making a growing and positive impact on its business in terms of growth, cost efficiency and resilience for the future.
Posted On 11 May 2015
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The Ocean Is The World’s 7th Largest Economy: WWF

The ocean rivals the wealth of the world’s richest countries, but it is being allowed to sink to the depths of a failed economy
Posted On 23 Apr 2015
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Really, How important are your environmental values?

Do you feel guilty if you do something that is not environmentally friendly? More than half of Canadians polled say 'Yes".
Posted On 20 Apr 2015
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Canada – Quebec Agreement on Wastewater Regulation

On March 21, 2015, the Minister of the Environment (“Minister”) published a Notice of a proposed Agreement entitled “Canada–Quebec Agreement on Acts and Regulations Applicable to Quebec’s Municipal Wastewater Treatment Sector” (“proposed Agreement”). The Minister also published a...
Posted On 13 Apr 2015
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Woodlands revival adds new piece to carbon cycle puzzle

“A lot rides on human decisions to slow climate change. The clock is ticking for the future of these forests”
Posted On 09 Apr 2015
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The Great Leaks: Water Use and Scarcity in Canada

Unless Canadians start consuming less, we may face a water shortage. Yet by global standards, Canada remains lucky.
Posted On 07 Apr 2015
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UN Statement calls for action on climate-resilient farming

Food Security is becoming a serious concern - not just in the developing world, but everywhere. New solutions are needed
Posted On 30 Mar 2015
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Global Climate in 2014 marked by extreme heat and flooding

Record-breaking heat, extreme precipitation and floods are consistent with a warming climate due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
Posted On 26 Mar 2015
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