Clean_50Report in the Globe and Mail

November 24th, 2015

 Clean50 Awards

The Clean50 Awards are given annually to 50 individuals or small teams in 16 distinct categories, 15 projects and 10 emerging leaders who have made the greatest contribution to clean capitalism and sustainability in Canada over the prior two years.

The 5th Annual Clean50 Summit

On Sept. 23rd, the annual invitation-only Clean50 Summit brought together sustainability leaders and key members of their teams from across Canada representing  all aspects of our society for a day of creative problem-solving followed by an evening of networking and celebration, kicked off with a fireside chat between Premiers Wynne and Couillard. 

The Clean50 Special Report

Again this year, The Globe & Mail is supporting the Clean50 with an announcement of the honourees and the production of a Clean50 Special Report to tell the stories behind the awards and to showcase the innovations in technology, policy and interdisciplinary collaboration that will drive Canada towards the sustainable low-carbon economy of the future.

On November 24th, the 2015 Clean50 Special Report will distribute with the national edition of the Globe & Mail and post to their website and to reaching over a million readers across Canada in print and online.

Showcase Your Contribution

Participants in the report can put forward themes, material and interview subjects, which will be combined by the GlobeCONNECT team to form a unique cross-sectoral view of challenges we face and real solutions to meet them, from commerce to community activation, energy management to recycling,  manufacturing to resource development, and from the science lab to the farmer’s field.

Support our Leaders to Table a Plan in Paris

This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the vision, innovation and collaboration that our new majority government can resource to deliver on their mandate for investment in infrastructure, sustainable economic development, and effective climate change policy and action. We have a small window between now and the Parris Summit to develop and present meaningful, credible goals to the international community in December.

Be a Part of the 2015 Clean50 Special Report

Showcase technologies, demonstrate winning partnerships, and add your voice to the call to action. Booking is open until October 29thView the 2014 Clean50 feature here. For further information about the options for participation and process of editorial development, contact Paul Cassel ( 416 850 8787) or follow this link.