The GLOBE Series – Where to Now? A GLOBE-Net Editorial


GLOBE-Net, March 21, 2012 GLOBE 2012 has just wrapped up and a key message we are hearing from all sources is that this year’s GLOBE Conference was exceptional in terms of the quality of the dialogue and the excellence of the session speakers.

And everyone who visited the GLOBE 2012 Trade Fair was able to see firsthand some of the world’s most innovative solutions to a vast array of sustainability problems.

GLOBE is grateful to everyone who helped to make this year’s event such a success. Over the years our sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, delegates, media and visitors have made the GLOBE™ Series one of the most influential and prestigious international environment industry events in the world.

But we will not rest on our laurels. The GLOBE Group of companies is always in search of new ideas and feedback (both good and bad) from those with whom we come in contact.

One of the key questions we are asking – is it time to take the GLOBE™ Series on the road?

Last year we launched GLOBE Latin America – a new series of biennial conferences focused on environmental challenges and business opportunities within Central and South America. Our inaugural event in Costa Rica, though much smaller than our biennial GLOBE Conference, was well received.

We would like your feedback on other options for the GLOBE™ Series. For example, would you like to see GLOBE in another city, or at a different time of year?

We would value your opinion on four important questions that will help us to plan our activities so that they better serve your needs. Please let us know what you think by simply clicking on the link below:

Again, to all those who helped make GLOBE 2012 such a success, our deep felt thanks.


John D. Wiebe,
President and CEO,
GLOBE Foundation

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