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WHAT IS CLEAN TECHNOLOGY … “a diverse range of products, services, and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes.”  Clean Edge

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Vancouver’s maritime future must be embraced

Long recognized for its scenic beauty and quality of living, Vancouver is now being recognized...
Posted On 15 May 2017

Halving global carbon emissions by 2040 is within our reach

Leading industries, investors and climate advocates set out achievable pathways to limit global...
Posted On 28 Apr 2017
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The Rise of the Circular Economy

In a world where resources are dwindling, circular economy is the potential answer to concerns...
Posted On 26 Apr 2017
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Ontario’s Climate Change Challenge

Ontario is challenging local and international companies to develop the next generation of...
Posted On 18 Apr 2017

Green Over Gold – China’s Acceleration Towards An Environmentally Driven Economy

This is a defining moment, not only for the environmental movement in China but also for...
Posted On 17 Apr 2017

2016 a Record Year for Renewables, Latest IRENA Data Reveals

Renewable Energy Capacity Statistics 2017 offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date and...
Posted On 31 Mar 2017
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Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption

Improving organisations’ sustainability and energy efficiency is reducing electricity use and...
Posted On 27 Mar 2017
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19 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

Climate change has inspired multiple countries to join together to reduce carbon emissions,...
Posted On 13 Mar 2017
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No growth for oil and coal from 2020 as electric cars and solar blossom

Fossil fuel demand destruction likely as industry underrates disruptive impact of new technologies
Posted On 06 Feb 2017
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Ottawa to increase investment in Canadian-based tech startups

The federal government will increase funding allotted to assist tech startups to stimulate the...
Posted On 06 Feb 2017
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Wind turbines head for homes again

Cutting-edge research helps revive European plans for many homes to have their own wind...
Posted On 01 Feb 2017
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Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

Small-scale hydro schemes can transform the lives of remote communities and cut carbon...
Posted On 29 Jan 2017
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