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A Blockchain Crash Course: How It Can Enable the Clean, Smart Grid

This is my attempt at an "explainer" on blockchain, describing it as simply as I can, and...
Posted On 04 Jun 2018
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The 2017 U.N. Climate Summit & Renewable Energy Job Trends

How can corporate and political leaders at the UN Climate Summit halt or reverse the effects of...
Posted On 20 Nov 2017
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Power to the People – turning the page on energy policy in B.C.

B.C. is home to some of the most diverse renewable energy resources in the world.
Posted On 10 Oct 2017

Corporate Climate Risk Reporting Likely to Improve

Corporate Climate Risk Reporting Likely to Improve Under Business-Led Task Force Recommendations
Posted On 29 Sep 2017
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Best ways to cut climate change are overlooked

Governments and schools are failing to help people to recognize the best ways to cut climate...
Posted On 13 Jul 2017
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Sustainability revolution keeps Taliban at bay

The winners of an annual worldwide competition to spread clean energy have been urged to see it...
Posted On 18 Jun 2017
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Green Over Gold – China’s Acceleration Towards An Environmentally Driven Economy

This is a defining moment, not only for the environmental movement in China but also for...
Posted On 17 Apr 2017

Investing in Canada’s Future – New Report on Technology Innovation in Canada

Federal science panel calls for enhanced oversight and strategic re-investments to strengthen...
Posted On 12 Apr 2017
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 A new era dawns and it won’t be human-friendly

Human mistreatment of the planet is ushering in another era and it is not going to be pleasant,...
Posted On 31 Mar 2017
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Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption

Improving organisations’ sustainability and energy efficiency is reducing electricity use and...
Posted On 27 Mar 2017
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Applying Hope in Today’s Tumultuous Times

Many in the environmental movement are concerned about any slowing down of our progress toward...
Posted On 13 Feb 2017
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Call to unravel basic climate change

Science still cannot provide satisfactory explanations for some features of basic climate...
Posted On 05 Feb 2017
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