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Eliminating Energy-Related Carbon Emissions Possible, New Study Finds

Decarbonisation of global energy system, led by renewables and efficiency, would create...
Posted On 19 Mar 2017
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CO2 emissions flat for third straight year despite global economy growth

Growth of renewable power, switches from coal to natural gas, improvements in energy...
Posted On 17 Mar 2017
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19 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

Climate change has inspired multiple countries to join together to reduce carbon emissions,...
Posted On 13 Mar 2017
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Forests key to mitigating climate change

Drought and unsustainable practices are placing forests at risk, yet they are crucial to the...
Posted On 09 Mar 2017
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Oil Industry Needs New Investment

Global oil supply to lag demand after 2020 unless new investments are approved soon
Posted On 06 Mar 2017
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Europe’s tough line on shipping emissions

Shipping industry - responsible for about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions - is ordered...
Posted On 25 Feb 2017
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Fossil fuels bypass is not science fiction

Innovative ideas by scientists and engineers to combat climate change build up a picture of...
Posted On 14 Feb 2017
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Cut Subsidies – Save the Planet

Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 37 Gt over 2017-2050; study
Posted On 13 Feb 2017
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No growth for oil and coal from 2020 as electric cars and solar blossom

Fossil fuel demand destruction likely as industry underrates disruptive impact of new technologies
Posted On 06 Feb 2017
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Oil’s methane emissions higher than feared

New study shows that oil production can result in methane emissions up to twice as high as...
Posted On 06 Feb 2017
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Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

Small-scale hydro schemes can transform the lives of remote communities and cut carbon...
Posted On 29 Jan 2017
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Global warming will hit US northeast hard

US scientists provide new reality check on the combined stresses of global warming and the...
Posted On 18 Jan 2017
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