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Oil and gas companies are seen as climate villains. But we’ll need their expertise

Oil and gas majors are well-placed to make green hydrogen and green chemicals
Posted On 03 Mar 2023

Amazing Advances in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Read about these recent advances in hydrogen fuel cell technology to see what’s possible.
Posted On 09 Dec 2022

Canada Releases First Step Towards Net-Zero Concrete

Canada’s cement industry has been steadfast in its commitment to tackle climate change and...
Posted On 09 Nov 2022

Is the Future of Wind Energy Gummy Bears

Scientists at the University of Michigan might mean components of wind turbine blades can be...
Posted On 20 Sep 2022

Renewable Energy Drives Switchgear Demand

The desire for renewable energy sources has increased interest and investments in switchgear...
Posted On 20 Sep 2022

Why Is Erosion Control Important, and What Are the Best Onsite Solutions?

New construction can harm the local ecosystem if erosion control isn’t prioritized.
Posted On 25 Aug 2022

What are the Benefits of Renewable Propane

Energy professionals are targeting greenhouse gas emissions by producing low-impact power...
Posted On 14 Jul 2022

7 Amazing Green Technologies Improving Agricultural Practices

The green revolution has extended its influence on the agricultural sector. The discoveries...
Posted On 23 Jun 2022

Pathway to Resilience and Carbon Neutrality Webinars Now On-Line

The Pathway to Carbon Neutrality Webinar Series is free to view. Learn how low-carbon concrete...
Posted On 22 Jun 2022

How Effective Are Alternative Sources of Carbon Sequestration

The green movement and sustainable government policies are influencing technological...
Posted On 22 Apr 2022

How U.S. Cities Are Tackling Ambitious Energy Goals

As extreme weather events batter regions across the United States, many individual cities are...
Posted On 20 Apr 2022

Disrupting Technologies that Are Changing the Renewable Energy Sector in 2022

Stunning Tech Developments that Will Define the Future of Global Energy Generation
Posted On 01 Apr 2022