green-01WHAT IS THE GREEN ECONOMY… an economy that results in reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development  without degrading the environment.

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The Rise of the Circular Economy

In a world where resources are dwindling, circular economy is the potential answer to concerns...
Posted On 26 Apr 2017
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Investing in Canada’s Future – New Report on Technology Innovation in Canada

Federal science panel calls for enhanced oversight and strategic re-investments to strengthen...
Posted On 12 Apr 2017
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Forests offer cool way to ease climate fears

New global database of trees affirms the need for greater conservation and protection of...
Posted On 10 Apr 2017
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Extreme heat threat rises for world’s megacities

Scientists warn that even a modest rise in average global temperatures will put millions of...
Posted On 03 Apr 2017
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 A new era dawns and it won’t be human-friendly

Human mistreatment of the planet is ushering in another era and it is not going to be pleasant,...
Posted On 31 Mar 2017
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Eliminating Energy-Related Carbon Emissions Possible, New Study Finds

Decarbonisation of global energy system, led by renewables and efficiency, would create...
Posted On 19 Mar 2017
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China takes fresh approach to pollution

A new scheme that pumps filtered air into homes aims to improve life for people in urban China...
Posted On 15 Mar 2017
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Taking action – Cities learning from each other to adapt to climate change

Financing urban adaptation to climate change in large cities is a major challenge. But there...
Posted On 02 Mar 2017
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European trains go down renewable route

Electric trains in the Netherlands have relied entirely on renewable energy since 1 January,...
Posted On 13 Feb 2017
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The Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Many of the crucial habits adopted by the world’s highly successful entrepreneurs are actually...
Posted On 01 Feb 2017
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Sustainable Development can unlock trillions in new market value

Landmark report launche reveals that pursuing sustainable business models could unlock economic...
Posted On 27 Jan 2017
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The History of Solar Energy, Going Back to 4,000 B.C.

Harvesting the power of the sun has been a human endeavor since the beginning of civilization.
Posted On 21 Jan 2017
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