green-01WHAT IS THE GREEN ECONOMY… an economy that results in reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, and that aims for sustainable development  without degrading the environment.

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“Build it Once. Build it Right. Build it to Last.”

Largest Gathering of Canada's Cement and Concrete Industry Heads to Parliament Hill to help...
Posted On 17 Oct 2017
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Power to the People – turning the page on energy policy in B.C.

B.C. is home to some of the strongest and most consistent wind resources in the world.
Posted On 10 Oct 2017

Promoters of responsible forestry gather in Vancouver

Forest Stewardship Council members to discuss economic, social and environmental issues...
Posted On 08 Oct 2017
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Stationary Energy – Sales Up, Costs Down

Energy storage capacity to triple by 2030, if countries double the share of renewables in the...
Posted On 06 Oct 2017
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Alarm at rise in forest carbon

Tropical forests release more carbon than they absorb, and the level of livestock emissions has...
Posted On 04 Oct 2017
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A Bright Future for Solar Energy

Solar PV grew faster than any other fuel in 2016, opening a new era for solar power
Posted On 03 Oct 2017
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Celebrating Vancouver’s Emergence as a Global Shipping Hub

World Maritime Day 2017 Celebration in Vancouver and Menon Economics Vancouver City Report 2017...
Posted On 29 Sep 2017

Global economy improving, but more needed to ensure sustainable growth

OECD Sees Synchronized Momentum for Global Economy, but Urges Further Policy Action to Ensure...
Posted On 20 Sep 2017
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Metro Vancouver Joins Canada’s Clean50 and Clean16 List

Recognized for demonstrated leadership in sustainability excellence through support of Canada’s...
Posted On 20 Sep 2017
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Fresh hope raised of global warming limit

New study says immediate reduction of fossil fuels combustion would help achieve the Paris...
Posted On 20 Sep 2017
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Rising temperatures cut economic output

Heat-Shield study shows that rising temperatures will affect the health and productivity of...
Posted On 04 Sep 2017
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Paying for forests has multiple benefits

Paying for forests conserves a vital world resource. But somebody must pay the locals a...
Posted On 06 Aug 2017
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