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The hidden threats that could imperil the sustainable economy

Even economic growth, long unquestioned and coveted, needs to be examined with healthy skepticism.
Posted On 21 Mar 2015
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Call for Expressions of Interest for Mentorship Program for BC-based SME’s

Program will provide focused business case mentoring, proof of performance support, and...
Posted On 16 Mar 2015
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Don’t drink the water – Thousands in Canada can’t drink their water

As of January 1,838 drinking water advisories in effect across Canada says new report
Posted On 14 Mar 2015
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Reducing food waste could save the global economy $300 billion a year

One third of all food produced in the world ends up as waste
Posted On 05 Mar 2015
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Invest In Water to Prevent Conflict: New Report

Expect water supply of 2.9 billion people in 48 countries to fall short of needs in as little...
Posted On 25 Feb 2015
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The “Energy of Water”

June event in Vancouver explores how water intersects with energy, land, food and the nature of...
Posted On 23 Feb 2015
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Water in the City – Crisis looms as urban populations explode 

With half the world’s population now in cities, inadequate surface water supplies will leave...
Posted On 21 Feb 2015
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Didn’t See It Coming: An interview with Marc Stoiber

What I realized somewhere along the way, though, was that the biggest risk is not risking.
Posted On 17 Feb 2015
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Barometer Rising – mixed message on the storm front

New research suggests that climate change won’t after all lead to more storms − but the bad...
Posted On 08 Feb 2015
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Social conscience is key to cutting household energy

What motivates the most - saving money or saving the environment?
Posted On 27 Jan 2015
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Marketing For Good: Timing and the Successful Startup

By Marc Stoiber I’m a brand consultant. I’m an entrepreneur. But one thing that...
Posted On 27 Jan 2015
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Climate’s threat to wheat is rising by degrees

Worldwide field trials show that just one degree of warming could slash wheat yields by 42...
Posted On 17 Jan 2015
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