VCC_vancouverWHAT IS A SUSTAINABLE CITY… a city designed with consideration of environmental impact, inhabited by people dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy, water and food, and waste output of heat, air pollution and water pollution.

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A troubling freshwater trend emerges in Canada

WWF-Canada provides decision makers with data on water health – but availability and...
Posted On 20 Jun 2016
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Doing more to save our oceans

On World Oceans Day (June 8), Canadians across the country say we're not doing enough to care...
Posted On 07 Jun 2016
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Cities are in the frontline for cutting carbon emissions, new IEA report finds

Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 shows that carbonizing urban buildings and transport is key...
Posted On 01 Jun 2016
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Sustainable seafood market is surging, study finds

report examines market and performance trends of the nine most prevalent seafood certification...
Posted On 11 May 2016
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Cities Hold the Key to a Livable Future

Today, nearly 3.9 billion people-----half of the world's population-----live in urban areas. By...
Posted On 11 May 2016
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Advancing the Well Being of City Residents – The Social Progress Imperative

The capital of Iceland will be the first city in Europe to use the Social Progress Index to map...
Posted On 04 May 2016
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Turning the Tide on Plastic Waste

A new report finds Ontario can reduce waste and raise funds to protect the Great Lakes by...
Posted On 29 Apr 2016
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Reducing food waste could help mitigate climate change

Currently, one third of global food production never finds its way onto our plates.
Posted On 08 Apr 2016
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B.C. mayors call for stronger carbon tax

Local governments are important partners in climate action, B.C. Mayors, Climate Leadership...
Posted On 07 Apr 2016
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GM crops can thrive as climate warms

Plants genetically modified for hotter temperatures and increased CO2 could raise yields to...
Posted On 04 Apr 2016
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When Companies Track Their Climate Emissions

Voluntary greenhouse gas accounting has become common in the private sector, but is it helping?
Posted On 02 Apr 2016
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US faces floods of climate refugees

New research warns that more than 13 million American citizens could be at risk of being forced...
Posted On 23 Mar 2016
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