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Water in the City – Crisis looms as urban populations explode 

With half the world’s population now in cities, inadequate surface water supplies will leave...
Posted On 21 Feb 2015
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Barometer Rising – mixed message on the storm front

New research suggests that climate change won’t after all lead to more storms − but the bad...
Posted On 08 Feb 2015
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Social conscience is key to cutting household energy

What motivates the most - saving money or saving the environment?
Posted On 27 Jan 2015
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Marketing For Good: Timing and the Successful Startup

By Marc Stoiber I’m a brand consultant. I’m an entrepreneur. But one thing that...
Posted On 27 Jan 2015
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Climate’s threat to wheat is rising by degrees

Worldwide field trials show that just one degree of warming could slash wheat yields by 42...
Posted On 17 Jan 2015
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Lower losses from weather extremes and earthquakes in 2014

Losses from natural catastrophes down in 2014. No reason to expect similar moderation in 2015.
Posted On 07 Jan 2015
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The dark side of climate change

More cities in the US face the threat of power blackouts caused by fierce and frequent hurricanes.
Posted On 29 Dec 2014
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Climate impact on agriculture could lead to calamity

Widespread hunger and poverty predicted unless strategies are developed to cope with drop in...
Posted On 22 Dec 2014
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Ocean heat drives surge to global warming record

Climate scientists say this year looks likely to enter the record books as the world’s hottest,...
Posted On 03 Dec 2014
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Climate threatens striking change to weather

Global warming will increase the number of lightning strikes this century by 50%.
Posted On 17 Nov 2014
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Health Canada releases study on wind turbine health impacts

No evidence was found to support exposure to wind turbine noise and any self-reported or...
Posted On 06 Nov 2014
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World’s Largest Electric Vehicle Race Concludes in Vancouver

Canada's Sun Country Highway - over 10,000 kilometers - is the longest electric highway in the world
Posted On 04 Nov 2014
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