Is it time to rethink recycling?

If our current approach to recycling isn’t the best for the economy or the environment, why do we do it? Is it better to design products and packaging further upstream to avoid waste altogether?
Posted On 09 Feb 2016
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Using Dry Anaerobic Digestion to Break Down Food Waste

Food waste diversion will need to increase in next 15 years by 1000%, or 1.8 million tons per year to meet EPA goals
Posted On 13 Jan 2016
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Environmental Technology and Canada’s Oil Sands – New Call for Action

Accelerating technological development is required today to address long-term environmental footprint of oil sands, finds Expert Panel
Posted On 28 May 2015
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Waste Crime – Addressing Gaps in the Global E-Waste System

A staggering 60% to 90% of wastes are illegally traded or dumped, according to a new UNEP report
Posted On 23 May 2015
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Illegally Dumped E-Waste Worth up to $19 Billion Annually

Inconsistency in Cross-Border Regulations Challenge to Effective Control of Illegal Waste Trafficking
Posted On 14 May 2015
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Global E-waste hits new peak in 2014 – US and China account for a third of world total

Global E-waste exceeds 40 million metric tonnes in 2014 representing $52 billion in recoverable resources lost.
Posted On 20 Apr 2015
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Waste-to-energy revolution boosted by biobattery idea

New processes to turn waste products into renewable energy that can power cars, planes and turbines are rapidly being developed across the world.
Posted On 04 Mar 2015
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No relief from constant nuclear headache

No country has solved the problem of how to deal with waste that remains dangerous to humans for thousands of years.
Posted On 27 Jan 2015
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